STAR WARS: Contracts

Contract: Pride and Piracy

A small group of freelance contractors consisting of Content Not Found: tulio the Nemoidian smuggler, Khar the Givin outlaw tech and Ion the droid hired gun were called upon by the Broker to complete a contract from the Hidden Dagger pirates.

The Hidden Daggers are a pirate organization in the Corellian sector that competes with the Binayre pirates, a local branch of the Black Sun Syndicate, and various mercenary groups that represent the Hutt Cartel. Recently, the Hidden Daggers had been suffering from an internal power struggle between Captains Darson and Elise, a conflict which threatened to tear the organization apart. Despite this, both Darson and Elise recognized the need to appear as unified front at Captain Nym’s pirate summit, lest they be seen as vulnerable to the other pirate gangs. Unwilling to risk their security to each others crews, they sought out the Broker to provide them with a neutral escort to take them to the meet.

After being informed of their mission via holocall, the agents of the Broker headed to the ship that was provided for them, an old Skywatcher-class Deep Space Scout Ship and met their astrodroid, N1M3. The Broker’s instructions told them to meet up with Jorwick, a neutral member of the Hidden Daggers who was located on Coronet in the Blue Sector. Jorwick was to provide them with additional information on the location of the meet.

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