Marcus Trumbeck

Big money, fast ships, and a smile to boot.


Born on Coruscant and son to the great Engineer, Tartius Trumbeck, Marcus has always been a risk-taker. With a knack for social subtleties and a drive to make his dent in the universe, Marcus has managed to talk his way to success.

As a leading member of SubPro Corp. for several years, Marcus has displayed his knowledge of business and economics and lead the Corporation to multiple successes. Following in his father’s imposing footsteps, the Trumbecks have always shown an interest in Organic based technology; fully believing that complex bioengineering is the future.

His whole life has been to live up to his father’s extremely high standards – something that Marcus continues to follow even today. By taking extreme financial risks in order to achieve monumental gains, he dreams of taking the Trumbeck name to new and everlasting heights.

Marcus’ greatest strength is his commitment to his dream and the communication to back it up. Setbacks, such as losing nearly everything he owns is trivial – material possessions are important, but it’s the thrill of the gamble and the desire to achieve more that keeps him running at full speed.

One of the great leaders in innovation and technology is SubPro Corp. This Corporation worked closely with Incom Corp. and was known for producing high-end repulsorlift platforms – SubPro was an Engineering firm that designed a more efficient repulsorlift system that allowed spacecraft to land at higher speeds. The technology patent was enacted with shipping industries; resulting in massive profit margins with the two joint venture corporations. In 22 BBY, Incom attempted to purchase the patent rights and after the corporations could not come to an agreement, they decided to part ways – Incom Corp moving into starship design and SubPro focusing on engineering semi-organic circuits.

In 9 BBY, the corporation’s research of semi-organic circuitry lost its focus when the Head Chair Member – Tartius Trumbeck was killed by a droid he was testing organic circuits on. His son, Marcus Trumbeck took over the position. Marcus was a calculating and coercive member of the council and after only 3 years in the position he managed to hold almost 48% of the company stock. He lead the council to several highly profitable albeit risky endeavors; seeming to thrive in the moves. His business methods revolved entirely around his networks and his love of high-credit business-level gambles.

Ultimately this business model failed after SubPro experienced massive losses from 4 highly unsuccessful business pursuits in the field of Organo-Variable Thrust (OVT) research. The massive drop in the Corporation’s Galactic Share Value lead to his vote off the chair.

Following the demotion, Marcus continued to live his normal lifestyle and started up two more businesses; one in Space Salvage and the other in research to continue the OVT movement. His two businesses were funded almost entirely from personal accounts due to banks rejecting his “High-Risk” history rating. After leveraging most of his personal funds on the startups, Marcus gambled his company’s fortunes by hedging expansion funds in the Political arena in order to achieve taxation rights on his research. His entry into Politics was at first highly successful and an emergence of OVT taxation was en route when Emperor Palpatine took action. With all of his funds and assets tied up in the taxation movement – in a “make or break” scenario, Galactic Empirical Ruling completely disbanded the taxation clause of OVT items and equipment in favor of Emperor Palpatine’s preference towards Sienar Fleet Drive Systems.

Marcus Trumbeck lost everything. With the political hit from the Empirical Ruling’s seemingly spontaneous decision, Marcus was unable to fund expenditures on his existing businesses and was soon completely bankrupt. One of his contacts in the old disbanded Imperial Senate (who also lost a great deal in the venture as a stakeholder), provided him with a contact to a Broker that knew how to procure large sums of capital. Undeterred, Marcus fully intends to make it back to the top and has reached out to this “Broker” in order to do so. To get back into the business of gambling big money, he would need to acquire it first.

Marcus Trumbeck

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